Update September 2013: We sampled the pork ribs from Blue Ribbon BBQ on 2 occasions recently and are happy to report that Mopsie Mikeska is still wearing her game face after all these years.

The flesh clings to the bone but barely, needing only the slightest of tugs to wrench free. While we could’ve used a lot more smoke in the flavor profile, these were some fine bones.

There’s not a lot of barbecue in downtown Austin so we feel confident recommending Blue Ribbon for office dwellers, tourists and other unfortunate wretches who don’t have the time or energy to visit the top flight smokehouses, all of which are located outside Austin’s city center.


The Mikeskas are one of the most talked about families in Texas barbecue, but we’ve never been overly impressed by their work. To be fair, we’ve only sampled the meat at the one in Taylor, Texas that has long since changed hands and been converted into a Mexican restaurant.

It’s probably an improvement over the barbecue that Rudy Mikeska was putting out. The connection of the Mikeska clan to Blue Ribbon is this; Bobby Cavo is the owner, his mom Mopsie Mikeska Cavo is the daughter of Rudy, one of a multitude of Mikeskas scattered about Texas all of whom are seemingly in the barbecue trade. Mopsie, has a hugely successful catering business up in Taylor. Word has it that her commissary over near the Taylor Country Club is where all the meat for Blue Ribbon is prepared and then shipped into downtown Austin for consumption.

This is the reason we’ve never eaten at Blue Ribbon. We like our brisket prepared within a stone’s throw of where we eat it. When we’ve deviated from this rule in the past we’ve been burned and burned badly.

We’d love to hear from someone who’s eaten at Blue Ribbon. Any hidden gems on the menu? Any of the food prepared on site?

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