Hoover Alexander’s bona fides are fully in order. He trained under Austin icon Harry Akin at the Nighthawk back when that really meant something in this old town. This was early 70s Austin not too long after Akin had proven instrumental in putting an end to the Jim Crow laws that had plagued the South and Texas.

After nearly a decade with The Nighthawk, Alexander embarked on a journeyman style career in Austin food, working for a handful of organizations most notably Chez Fred, the predecessor to what would later become Chez Zee. For the last 13 years Mr. Alexander has presided over the kitchen at Hoover’s Cooking, the East Austin soul food haven famous for dinner platters the size of garage doors. We venture in to his restaurant a couple times a year for one of our town’s best chicken fried steaks and side dishes that are generally made from scratch in the kitchen.

Now Hoover’s branching out. He’s getting into the food trailer craze that has swept Austin for the last couple years. The name of the project is Soular Food Garden. The press release is almost indecipherable but as near as we can tell there will be three food trailers at the opening party this Saturday October 29th 2011:

Hoovers: Serving up “veggie centric” versions of his southern cooking.

Java Juiced And Sweet House: One of the worst names for a trailer we’ve ever heard. They will be serving coffee, tea, agua fresca and fresh baked goods.

El Naranjo Mobile: Did Fearless Critic really say this is the best Mexican restaurant in Austin? That’s what Hoover’s press release says. If so perhaps Fearless Critic needs to get out more often as El Naranjo is not even in our top twenty. Mexican food is and has been our daily bread in Austin for well over a decade. If you can’t take the time to make your tortillas from scratch then you shall not be considered for “best of”. That option’s not on the table.

Eventually this project will include six food trailers. We’ve been riding by the property since February when the initial announcement was made. There has been very little sign of life at the site but hopefully the party will go off without a hitch.

The particulars

Date: Saturday October 29th 2011

Time: 5 pm

Address: 1110 East 12th st.

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