Now they’ve gone and done it. Black’s Barbecue, the king of Lockhart Texas smoked meat houses, has reached deep into their bag of tricks to create a new barbecue sauce for their top flight brisket and beef ribs.

We’re picturing octogenarian Edgar Black venturing deep into the mountains of Kashmir, perhaps seeking a spiritual enlightenment that was missing from his life in Caldwell County. Over an open air barbecue of yak or bearded mountain goat, a native Indian concocts a simple sauce featuring the Bhut Jolokia, the infamous Ghost Chile of Asian culture. Mr. Black smiles and nods as the chile sings its siren song to his palate. Once back stateside the elderly Texan sets about in his test kitchen slowly perfecting the perfect chile sauce to compliment his classic take on barbecue.

We haven’t tried this product. In fact, we haven’t tried any of Black’s barbecue sauces since about 1991, the first time we ate at their restaurant. Why bother clouding your mouth with some weird Yankee affectation like sauce when all you need is salt, smoke and fire to accomplish the perfect flavor trifecta?

We would love to hear from someone who has though.

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