Baking goddess Barrie Cullinan really put La Boite on the map. The little shipping container that could has now entered expansion mode adding a second location in downtown Austin. The first La Boite is still serving on Lamar just south of Alamo Drafthouse.

When La Boite opened they could have just as easily been a run of the mill coffee spot serving Russell’s or Quack’s baked goods like so many other joints that just sort of half-ass it on the sweet treat front. But owner Victoria Davies wanted an ace in the hole. She got it by landing the services of one of Austin’s top dough gurus Barrie Cullinan. This gal really knows her way around an oven. We keep expecting her to take her croissants to a bigger stage but she appears to be content in Austin moving what we imagine to be a daily truckload of product at places like Eastside Showroom, Second Bar and Kitchen and Antonelli’s Cheese Shop.

We’ll appreciate her while we’ve still got her. And La Boite’s new location, in the shadow of the former Little City should be a home run. When Little City shuttered it left a giant, coffee mug shaped hole in our hearts and perhaps La Boite can spackle it shut.

We’d love to see them put a Texas sized beat down on the Starbucks across the street and don’t doubt that they can do it with their wonderful Chiapas coffees and Cullinan’s baking wizardry.

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