UPDATE DECEMBER 9TH 2011: SUSHI A GO GO TO CLOSE TOMORROW DECEMBER 10TH 2011. More Austin closures http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/RIP-Rest-In-Peace

The yellow front quick mart at Manor and Alamo in East Austin has been a graveyard for food carts. We’ve seen a few come and go but none was more auspicious than Sushi A Go Go. This is where French Place went we were tired of world class brisket at Franklin and/or lousy, over priced tacos at Mi Madres.

Of course business dictates where a food trailer plies its trade and apparently Sushi A Go Go was not raking in the dough as we went by one day for a Longhorn Roll and the little trailer had vanished. It’s the itinerant nature of the business. The cart moved up to Medical Arts, then Airport Blvd where apparently the money started flowing more freely as lo and behold; the owners took over a brick and mortar building just south of Tamale House. A name change is in effect as well. The owners are calling their new venture Kome and today, October 25th 2011 is their first day of operation.

We miss Mary’s, the old Mexican joint that Kome is operating in. It was a little shady and we often wondered if perhaps the waitresses were slinging carnitas to keep the books straight as the place had a bit of a bordello feel to it.

The neighborhood due east of the new venture is a rough and tumble little burg. We’ve seen street fights, drug deals, car races, loud parties and what have you there over the years. Hell, we’ve been instrumental in a good half of these shenanigans as we’ve always had a few good friends living around those parts.

There is no sushi within a million miles of Kome’s location so they ought to flat rake it in.

We just rolled by and snapped a quick photo and the joint was jumping with a phalanx of folks chowing down and looking to be having a good time.

We’ll roll by and grab some chow soon and report back. Have you been to Kome? How was it?

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