Whoever thought that Webberville Road would be the new hotspot in East Austin? With Frontier Bar’s solid status as best new bar in town, La Monita preparing to re-open in 2012 and now Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub taking over the old El Lobo nightclub, well, we’ve never had it so good.

We’ve been in scout mode of late and have peered in the door a few times to see if we could interview an owner or manager but we’ve only found workmen and the biggest bassett hound we’ve seen in our entire life. Damn near 6 feet long and a good hundred pounds-if the new pub is half as impressive as that beast of a dog then the owners will be banking. Here’s a photo of the bar itself. We plan on spending a lot of time leaned up against this structure with a dark n stormy or three, then, hopefully a big sandwich as we hear that’s going to be the thrust of the kitchen.

Apparently Friday the 28th of October 2011 will be the opening date but who knows if that will actually happen?

We’ll link you up to their Facebook in comments below so you can chart progress toward that date.

all birth notices http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Birth-Notice

Oh yeah, here’s an old shot I took from when the joint was a Tejano club

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