Right under our noses.

All this time.

Austin Cinematheque has magnetized us to the University of Texas student union for the last 6 years. If it wasn’t for Chale Nafus at Austin Film Society’s outright mastery these kids would stand alone at the top of the booking mountain in Austin. They’ve done so by consistently showing the best and often most hopelessly obscure films of the past 80 or so years. But sometimes we keep our heads down and even though there’s barbecue afoot we’re too blind to see it. A mere 50 yards down the hall from the film theater is Smokehouse BBQ. We get real excited real easy so we grab the metal fencing and give it a good hard shake.

“Mr. Pit Boss man, you in there”, we bellow.


No response.

We circle out back of the Union to hopefully find an ancient cast iron and brick pit with a crusty old ramrod standing guard over his briskets and rib racks.

No luck.

We can’t find a lot of information on this outfit so we’ll have to recon by there during operating hours and sample some brisket and see if these boys are on top of their game.

We somehow doubt it.

all barbecue coverage here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Barbecue

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