It’s been 29 years since the McDonald’s corporation first foisted the McRib sandwich upon the American eating public. But unlike Marvin Hagler, who appears to not be mounting a comeback, the McRib is back and folks are going crazy for this exercise in faux barbecue.

Between now and November 14th 2011 the barbecue rib sandwich that mysteriously has no bones will make a reappearance on select McDonald’s menus across the US and yes that includes Texas. We once ate a McRib a solid coon’s age ago in Alabama and wondered what all the fuss was about even back then. Memory is a tricky thing but if our recollections are correct there’s some weird cartilaginous residue from where the giant machines wrench the bones from the unfortunate hog who’s sacrificed his life for the sandwich.

We’re not vegetarians but if meat eating meant McRib eating then go ahead and sign us up. We’ll trade in our boots for some hippy love sandals then go ahead and call it a day.

Crazy about the McRib and don’t want to wait out the next_____ years before it comes back to US? Then move to Germany. The Germans must be suffering some sort of celestial recompense for past wrongs as the sandwich is available there year round.

Each and every year.

Here’s a handy McRib locator so you won’t have to get out and drive aimlessly about as you try to answer your cravings:

And if by some chance you eat a McRib please report back and let us know how it was.

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