Sounds like the good folks of Flatonia Texas have come up with a winning combination for a big party. Czhilispiel is set to go off this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 28, 29 and 30th 2011.

Czhilispiel includes a barbecue cookoff, a chili cookoff that is the second largest in Texas, a margarita jackpot competition and a biergarten that as recently as 2002 was the largest on planet earth.

We reckon it must have been surpassed at some point as the City of Flatonia is no longer making that claim.

We love the quote from Jennifer Boland, a Flatonian “The only place hotter than Czhilispiel….is the surface of the sun.”

Now we know we’re going.

We head down to Waelder fairly regularly on our hot guts runs and Flatonia is only about 15 miles further east on Hwy 90.

We’ll put up some pertinent links in comments below if you’re thinking about heading down.

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