Austin Texas gave Tiffany Harelik, the Sara Jessica Parker of Austin’s trailer food scene, a second chance and like a young Walter Payton she hurdled the scrum for a game winning touchdown of a party.

Way to go Ms. Harelik. We’ve written quite a bit about the unmitigated disaster that Gypsy Picnic #1 was and were curious to see if the second edition of the event could redeem itself.

The organizers, including Ms Harelik, took the challenge to heart by crafting a plan of attack that was a marvel of efficiency.

Scanning the reviews on Yelp [always a hazardous duty as many of their members write as though they’re recuperating from some sort of invasive, non-anesthetized, brain surgery]we find the posters largely positive on this year’s party.

Mrs. P: “I was there about 2 hours, tried 10 different samples and the longest line was less than 10 minutes”

Chiqui B: “My big fat Mexican entourage was with me, and they had a jolly good time”

and poster Meggen D spoke with Kate of the Southern Comfort food trailer who had some juicy dish on next year’s event: “Apparently they’re going to take another stab at it this Spring. They’re going to spread the event across two days and allow admission only with canned food donations for the food bank. Also, the trailers will be more prepared for the number of customers.”

“Free” events often just straight up bring out the riff raff of our town. People will mug an old lady for a free hot dog at a used car lot promotion and we won’t even get into the local breweries and their free beer parties.

We tried to enjoy ourselves at one years back and remain scarred.

Sounds like Gypsy Picnic #2 was a resounding success. We’d love to hear from our readers on their experience.

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