Gil’s Barbecue Shack in Ellinger Texas

One of our favorite under the radar barbecue joints in the state of Texas is Gil Vrazel’s little spot down in Ellinger, Texas.

We ride through there a few times a year on our way to New Orleans, Northport Alabama or Knox County Kentucky and we always make sure we do so on the weekend so we can stop in and visit with the pit boss, Mary. There aren’t a lot of female pit bosses in Texas. There’s probably been a study written on why but for now we’ll content ourselves with the fact that Mary puts out some of the finest handmade sausage and brisket we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

She got a kick out of us trolling around back of the tiny barbecue stand to take a picture of their old sign.

“Nobody ever wants to take a picture of our new sign, they always circle around back and take a picture of that ol thing.”

If you’re ever down in Ellinger do not neglect stopping in at Gil’s Barbecue. This is elite level smoked meat and you could not hope to meet a nicer lady than Mary.

pic of Mary

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