We weren’t around for its initial run but we loved tales of Hog Winslow and his daughter Hogette on the old Andy Griffith show re-runs. Ernest T. Bass once wrote a love note to the lovely Hogette and winged it through the Winslow’s front window.

Caught the gal in the noggin and she had to get stitches if we recall. We love small town food parties and the Hogeye Festival in Elgin is certain to be a good one. Any party that crowns a Hog Queen is fine by us and we hear the gals out in that part of Bastrop County are right comely.

But this is a food site so let’s break that part of the shin dig down. Obviously there will be a barbecue cook off which generally means beef in these parts but not in Elgin on Saturday. This competition is centered on pork. Pork ribs, pork sausage and pork shoulder. If you don’t feel like you get enough pork in your barbecue hereabouts then this might be a good time to fulfill that part of your barbecue soul.

Our noses get opened good and wide anytime the subject of desserts comes up and when you factor a contest in then you have our full and undivided attention. Particularly when the two categories are cakes and pies. After Elgin’s Hogalicious Dessert contest the general public will be allowed to sample the contestants entries.

Winners to be announced at 12:30 pm.

Afterwards expect a feeding frenzy.

Live music will be fueling the party all day long but we’re most interested in Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution. We have no idea who he is but it sounds good.

This party takes place in downtown Elgin Texas.

The tag line of the event is “A Time For Warm Hearts And Hot Guts”

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