Like most Texans we eat chili year round. 112 degrees in the dead of summer never stopped us from knocking out a stock for our base work. We just got the pressure cooker out so we didn’t heat the kitchen up so much. But last night when that old cold wind blew in from somewhere near Goldthwaite we ran up to Fiesta Mart and laid in some supplies for our first chili of the Fall season. We follow the tradition of one of the great Southern cooks in these instances; the legendary Nellie Sullivan of Knox County, Kentucky. It matters little that she was our grandmother. That woman could flat cook.

Here’s our recipe for white chili, a classic Kentucky dish that eats real good in Texas too.

Don’t have that much time but still love Northern beans? Here’s our formula:

In these parts Texas Red is king so we wrote the rules: they must be followed closely if you want to be authentic

Once you master the rules you can tackle the recipe

Good luck with your chili y’all

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