Our tv went silent a few years back when the FCC moved all the broadcasts over from our beloved analog to the new fangled digital format.

Friends reported that you could go by HEB and get a little box that would convert the signal but we’re dyed in the wool Fiesta loyalists and the thought of going elsewhere gives us pangs.

But if we were to have a working, digital television you would find us glued to the set tonight for the debut of American Hoggers. American Hoggers tracks the goings on of Jerry Campbell and his daughter Baby Lamb and son Robert. They’re a Brown county, Texas family that has dedicated their lives to tracking down and killing wild boar hogs. As we’ve discussed before the wild boar in Texas is a menace destroying millions and millions of dollars in crops each year.

American Hoggers was set to debut a couple months ago but the Texas heat sent the production company packing for greener pastures.

The Campbells don’t just hunt wild boar however, they also go after jaguars, mountain lions, bob cats and bears. Sounds like a good lifestyle.

Filming took place in Brown county and Haskell, Burkett, East of Zephyr, Lohn, Sweetwater, and in Cherokee. These are some of our favorite areas in the great state and it will be interesting to see them on the tv.

If you’re not too busy tonight check out American Hoggers and see a slice of Texas you might not otherwise have a chance to.

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