Cover 3, the wildly expensive, upscale sports bar on Anderson Lane is in expansion mode. For unknown reasons their new location is to be called Cover 2 and will establish residency in a defunct Hooters on US 183 North.

Our interest in sports is limited to cage fighting, vintage pro wrestling and the occasional foray into Jai Alai [ it’s Basque ] so we haven’t made it by the mothership in spite of their being open for 3 or so years. There’s something about television in a bar that’s a mite unsettling. Even if it’s Re-animator at Casino in the afternoon, the sight of everyone vapidly gazing at tv makes us uncomfortable.

So when Cover 3 opened we duly noted it and that was about it. Middling reports from sports hungry friends with deep pockets did little to excite us about possibly eating there.

Owners Matt Dodson and Doug Young have a sure fire formula for success and we don’t doubt that they’ll do booming business out in the suburbs.

We’re just unlikely to find out first hand.

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