We are ready for Austin Mexican joints to begin charging for chips and salsa with a caveat. Take scratch tortillas and fry them up per order.

We love Habanero Mexican Cafe and visit often but when we spotted this wall sign our blood ran cold. Habanero has many charms including some very good salsa but their totopos are wretched.

Bought in a big bag from a commercial purveyor they are in no way worth $3.

We’ve had really good chips lately from Takoba and Papi Tino’s and other restaurants should follow suit.

To be fair, we’re not sure what you have to do to actually be charged at Habanero, perhaps if you just get a single taco?

relevant http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/8/18/Austin-Daily-Photo-Habanero-Mexican-Cafe

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