Rolling through North Austin earlier today we noticed that the Northfield/Ridgetop neighborhood is set to get a new barbecue joint.

Barbecue Heaven is to be located on the Northeast corner of 53 1/2 st and Airport Blvd just north of House Pizza and Stallion Grill.

For the last few years this structure, which is approaching tumbledown, has been the host to an absolutely filthy convenient store. One of our Txoko brothers lives in the area so we’ve had occasion to pop in to the little mart from time to time and have always been mortified as to the general air of malaise.

Hopefully the owners of Barbecue Heaven can renovate the building that formerly held one of the old Holiday Houses, the legendary Austin mini chain founded by Ralph Moreland [RIP].

At any rate we’re hard pressed to name a barbecue joint anywhere in the neighborhood so perhaps this outfit will be able to make a go of it.

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