It’s Oktober in Central Texas and that means one thing: Time to dust off your sexy fraulein outfit and starve yourself for a few days so you can take home the sausage eating title and if you’re a sexy hoss cat you just might win the title of sexiest fraulein too.

This Saturday October 22nd 2011 in Buda Texas, German folks from all over the state will convene at Buda City Park to party in their inimitable style. We’ll be in Meridian Texas that day for the National Barbecue Championship but we’ll be in Buda in spirit if nothing else.

A full day of activities is scheduled starting at 11:30 am with live music from The Polka Dots. Afterwards expect a languorous sprawl of endorphin enhancements from sausage eating, beer guzzling, keg rolling, chicken dancing to multiple trips to the lavatory.

We are officially jealous.

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