Any thing that goes viral on the Facebook may as well be going viral in Azerbaijan as we’re just too damn busy to dedicate the 3-7 hours a day that all our friends spend on the site.

We’re certain that it’s a fine endeavor but our hours in the day are all completely spoken for and we really wish we had 30 instead of the allotted 24.

So when we mistakenly stumbled upon The Crock Pot girls, three gals from Brownwood’s Facebook page, we lingered for a moment then got back to doing what we do best; digging up all the latest Austin Texas food stories. But then they popped right back up on a totally unrelated search so we figured they’d hit the big time.

Turns out they have but not without doing so without some controversy.

Web industry people are crying foul over how quickly three blond [every article about these ladies mentions that they are blond headed as though that’s a salient feature to the story ] women from a relatively small town in Texas have exploded across Facebook with solid million or so people hanging on every bit of crock pot arcana they dish up.

Here’s a good piece on the shenanigans

We checked out their website as we often use our slow cooker as it’s a very fine stock making machine.

Unfortunately there’s very little content.

This gal however is pure slow cooking dynamite

Well worth your time.

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