One of the top barbecue teams in Texas. Waco Boys Cooking Team brought home the coveted hospitality award at The Brady Goat Cook Off this year.

They did it by setting up a full commercial kitchen, a fully stocked bar and an air conditioned rv. They then commenced to handing out full platters of crispy fried catfish with all the trimmings along with sides of barbecue, burgers, sausages and for the coup de grace; smoked, line caught salmon brought straight from Alaska. We took a break from our judging duties to settle in at their camp for a few shots of bourbon, a few cans of beer and idle conversation covering all the wild times we’d had during the year since our last hang.

The Brady Texas goat cook off is our top food party of the entire year. Two hundred plus teams throw down in a giant, well shaded park on the outskirts of town.

It’s bucolic.

We’re counting the days til next year’s event.


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