When we saw the flyer for “old town country hoe down” at Red Rooster a while back we decided to go all in. After all, it’s not every night that you can get apple bobbing, daisy duke contest and pie eating competition, all under one roof in one night.

When we rolled in, we knew it was going to our kind of affair as the dj was playing the hopelessly obscure “Techno For Texans” mix that came out a few years back. Cotton Eyed Joe meets Einsterzende Neubaten anyone? It was going to be one of those nights.

To fuel the shenanigans the bar was selling whiskys for $2. We’re still wondering about long passages of the evening.

Here’s a photo of some of the pie eating contestants. We also snapped away during the daisy duke showdown, but this is a family publication.

The apple bobbing almost went awry as some of the young gentlemen competitors decided the easiest path to success would be to bulldoze the apple by burrowing their heads through the foot and half depth of water, thereby, pinioning the fruit to the bottom of the galvanized steel tub.

Emerging soaking wet, but with apple firmly in their grasp, they took this way too seriously.

Just another night in Pflugerville.

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