There are a few cocktails so iconic that if you’re a bartender and you can’t make them you might as well call it a day. Near the top of that list is the Dark n Stormy, a witches brew of rum and ginger so potent and delicious that we became hopeless slaves to it years back when the cocktail revival swept through America and then Austin Texas bars. Yellow Jacket Social Club fails this crucial test. As in; they can’t make it because they don’t stock ginger beer. Which also means they can’t make a Moscow Mule. Which renders them impotent in the discussion of Best New Bar In Austin.

However, if you like to take ol Blue with you when you head out for a night on the town they do have a nice selection of water dishes for dogs.


Swan Dive is a nice bar and we’ve enjoyed our evenings there but we laughed ourselves silly over this description in the Austin Chronicle’s piece on their victory: “whether your duds be vintage, goth, or themed, it’s time to bust out the big-kid clothes. The crowd will be beautiful”


We called out for this bar to put a dress code in place so the crowd could match the furniture here and we stand by our remarks.

Typical Austin where biologically mature males like to wear their little sister’s footwear when it’s time to go out for a night on the town. We get it. Flops are cheap and you’re casual aren’t you brah?

Read our piece on Yellow Jacket Social Club here

Best new bar in Austin is Frontier. You may read about them here:

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