It all started with the lobster butter.

Remember when Eddie V’s used to sell you a softball sized hunk of crab bound with a prayer and lounging in a pool of warm lobster butter?

We do.

Then one night when we were in heavy courting mode and therefore at Eddie V’s, it all changed. The lobster butter had been replaced by a pedestrian remoulade. But, a glimmer of hope came from our veteran waiter. Turns out the magical fat was still in production but had just left the physical menu. We rejoiced.

Then one night the magic was really gone. The lobster butter was no longer in the house and was that an actual bread crumb in our crab cake?

Thus began the downhill slide of Eddie V’s culminating in today’s announcement that the Darden Corporation [Red Lobster-Olive Garden et al] has purchased the restaurant[s].

More’s the pity.

We had many a night filled with monkeyshines at the ol gal but she’s dead as a door nail to us now.

Rest In Peace Eddie V’s.

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