Jodi Bart’s wearing the championship belt laden with 12lbs of gold that we reckon ought to be up on the mantle at the scrumptious house right about now.

Her blog’s a fine one but we want that strap

We’ve been in overdrive these past two years averaging a hundred articles a month on Austin food and drink. While our bread and butter is barbecue,Tex Mex and soul food we haven’t left the vegetarians, burger hounds or drunkards out of the mix either. No time to read but like to look at pictures of chefs, baristas, restaurants, bartenders, dive bars and food trailers?

Check out our for 400 pics documenting our insanely fast growing scene.

Like slow, difficult recipes? So do we

We spent the day at Milk n Honey day spa yesterday getting buffed and polished so we’d be looking our best when the top local food blog winner was announced today over here

But the title belt, all 12lbs of 24k gold, was not to be ours.

We don’t want to be known as the Arturo Gatti of Austin food letters so we’re issuing an open challenge.

Who’s got a food blog in Austin that wants to battle?

Corporate backed with a full team of writers?

Not a problem.

One man gang with a laptop and camera?

Bring it.

We’ll go toe to toe for 30 days writing about food and drink in Austin Texas.

Then when the dust settles we’ll figure out who walks away as champ.

Comment below or get at us through the site.

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