We love the tag line on the website of the Association of Food Journalists website where it says. “A Website By And For Professional Food Journalists”.

That’s laughable once you begin attempting to navigate their site.

We read that the Association was having its big annual awards ceremony Thursday October 6th over in South Carolina so we started checking out their website to see how Texas food writers fared. Thursday night; no list of winners, blog feed unavailable.

Friday night: no list of winners, blog feed unavailable.

Saturday night:no list of winners, blog feed unavailable.

Sunday night; no list of winners, blog feed unavailable.

Apparently these “food journalists” have never heard of Twitter as there’s no Twitter link. No matter, it probably would work about as well as their “blog feed”

There is a little “past winners” section. Last updated in the paleo era of 2007.

Once you begin digging as hard as possible you can find the 2010 winners as an Easter Egg under “news and events”.

The association does provide some amusement under their “food resource” header. Here you can learn about Bird’s Eye brand frozen vegetables and Nabisco snack crackers.

Randomly hitting a few other links takes the reader to a variety of “under construction” “file not found”, “this domain is for sale” and other valuable food resources.

Here’s the link http://www.afjonline.com/afj.aspx?pgID=905 doesn’t look like it’s been visited by any of the “professional food journalists” running the AFJ’s website anytime lately.

Suffering from the Monday blahs? Check out the AFJ’s full website. At one point saying something like “it looks like it was designed by a ten year old” would’ve been an effective descriptor but we doubt there are many ten year olds who would’ve signed off on this mess.

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