It’s an embarrassment of riches in Austin beer culture these days what with new breweries flowering in every neighborhood in Austin. We expect AISD to start a Li’l Brewers curriculum at Austin area middle schools any day now. Long before all these new jacks came stepping along however Central Texas had world class beer right down the road in Blanco. Sure, to most folks Blanco represents little more than being the home to the best chicken fried steak in Texas but to beer lovers worldwide Blanco is the home to Real Ale, long term makers of some of Texas’ best craft beer.

Their supposed flagship is Fireman’s #4 but we never touch the stuff. It’s fine but why bother with a light blond when you can have their stupendous Devil’s Backbone or one of our countries great IPA’s in their Lost Gold?

These cats have only been brewing since 1996 but have grown quickly into being a nationally respected maker of Texas craft beer. Along with Live Oak they sit comfortably at the pinnacle of our burgeoning scene.

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