We had ourselves a time down in San Marcos Texas yesterday. Walking around the old Hays County Civic Center where 80 barbecue cook off teams were scattered around, the air filled with blue smoke and laughter.

We ate like kings with no worry of judging the event to cloud the enjoyment. It’s nice to just be a patron with zero responsibilities other than drinking ice cold beer and eating championship brisket. Here are the results of the 2011 State Championship LULAC Barbecue Cook Off

Grand Champion: Randy Haverda

Reserve Champion: Ernest Servantes

and category winners

Brisket: $1000 winner Tony Garza, Clard Que’s

Second: Ernest Servantes, Burnt Bean Co

Third: David Reynolds, Texas Que Step

Chicken: Richard Rutherford, South Texas Go Cookers 2

Pork Spare Ribs: Earnest Servantes

Beans: David Cadena

Congratulations to all these top cooks. Thanks for the hospitality too. You couldn’t walk 20 feet without somebody trying to give you a plate of meat and a cold beer.

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