Sometimes Austin living becomes entirely too much. When lassitude sets in from our high flying lifestyle we don’t allow ourselves to lay on the sofa quietly weeping…we set out for Pflugerville so we can recalibrate via an evening at one of Central Texas’ historic taverns.

While it’s true that Red Rooster has only been around for three years, the room has played host to the drinking set since 1983 with a linear heritage stretching all the way back to 1952. This includes a long term tenancy by one Burwell “Tuff” Knebel, a legendary Texas barman who got his start in the business when his father passed away [1952] leaving him the old PBK’s Place.

Burwell “Tuff” Knebel wasn’t just a barman however, he was also instrumental in the city of Pflugerville being formed in 1965 as a way to protect itself from becoming part of Austin.

Good move Pflugerville, the puritans have taken our fair city over using their “keep Austin weird” marketing gimmick as a cover while they quietly ruin our beautiful town.

Doubtful that any bars in Austin are going to be throwing a party this Wednesday Oct 12th 2011 that features the following:

*Daisy Duke Contest

*Square Dance Call

*Apple Bobbing

*Pie Eating Contest

*Best Dressed Contest-probably a good idea to not wear your shower shoes to this affair

They had us at apple bobbing.

One can imagine there will be some crazy drink specials to fuel the shindig.

The Red Rooster has a very relaxing ambiance with sky high ceilings, good pa, comfortable chairs for lounging and “Tuff’s table”, an ancient circular mesa that Tuff favored sitting at over in the corner.

We only make it up there once a month or so but we always have a good throw on the nights we do.

Hope to see y’all out there on Wednesday night.

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