Dear Magical Elves+Bravo TV: Please Report Back To Texas For Your Drygulching

Bravo TV and the production team behind Top Chef aka Magical Elves recently completed filming season nine of their reality show in the great state. Their tenure here was not without controversy. After plundering an estimated 400k from our treasury and making a million pie in the sky promises, they decided a good capper would be to go ahead and sue Texas to keep the details of their sweetheart deal with Gov. Perry’s office top secret. We’re not having it.

We’d love to have a peek inside the smoke filled back room where the Bravo tv ops met with Gov. Perry’s minions to iron out the details of Top Chef coming to Texas and how the state’s “brand” would be integrated into the final version of Top Chef #9.

Now it’s all going to play out in court.

The first warning of this sort of imperious behavior on the part of the Top Chef team came when a Magical Elves goon tried to muscle down on a Texas blogger at a food party in San Antonio at Luke, John Besh’s joint.

You can read about the dustup here

At that point the lot of them should’ve been tossed into the San Antonio River.

But they were allowed to stay and now we’re in our current situation.

Meanwhile down in San Antonio Deputy City Manager A.J. Rodriguez admitted that San Antonio shelled out 200k for the privilege of being featured on Top Chef.

Entreaties from Magical Elves for money were denied by Dallas, Austin and Houston.

Houston was famously left out of the filming causing Alison Cook to write the following

we weren’t willing to let Austin food be slighted so we had to respond

We’ll keep you posted as this whole, sorry situation plays out in court.

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