Fifteen minutes from downtown Austin sits a paragon of the taco truck form. Far from ordinary, within this humble metal box beats the heart of some very fine Mexican cuisine. Way back when, when we were authoring a series of articles on the foods of unincorporated Travis County Texas, we stumbled upon this tiny gem. Back then the food trailer was situated a mite differently on the property and had not undergone upgrades like plentiful seating and a nice deck.

We come here for bistec ranchero, homemade corn tortillas and al pastor tacos. We haven’t been disappointed by anything but these are the highlights of the kitchen.

contact 512-913-9222 for hours of operation

Please note the map provided is of Elroy Texas which is the closest “town” to this cart. The cart is actually 3-5 minutes south of Elroy on the right side of FM 812

Are we allowed to quote ourselves?

From the past “Unincorporated Travis County Texas is a little rough and tumble which is how we like it.Good people are running the restaurants and bars,providing good chow and good times to the country folk of the hinterlands.Big changes are afoot with SH-130 bringing modernity to the countryside so we recommend a visit soon before it’s all condos and TGI Fridays.”

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