The Don Juan is on precarious ground. The once stately taco has been reduced to a wreck of recklessly scrambled eggs with unseasoned boiled potatoes and low grade bacon. To make matters worse it’s all served on factory tortillas.

Below, we’ve re-written their recipe and provided the formula for you to create this dish at your house as the one that’s currently being served is not tenable. Ingredients

2 each, Potato, Redskin, medium Cubed finely

4 strips, Bacon, the best you can get your hands on,cooked, chopped, fat reserved

3 each Eggs,from a well cared for hen

2 T. Cream,Heavy,Whipping

1/3 c. Cheese, Colby/Jack

salt and pepper


* Heat cast iron pan til good and hot

* Add cubed potatoes

* Pour in 1/4 c. water,immediately place lid on pan

* Let potatoes cook for 3 minutes

* Remove lid, continue cooking til water evaporates, generously season at this point

* Add chopped bacon along with 1 T. bacon fat

* Add eggs whipped with cream

* When curds form and begin to firm up add cheese

* Turn off stove and let residual heat finish cooking mixture

* Spoon into warm tortillas

Voila! After a recent bad experience at Juan In A Million we vowed to master their recipe and make a credible version at the house.

Mission accomplished.

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