We’ve been drinking more mezcal than usual of late. What with Bridget Dunlap opening up her Bar Ilegal near Rainey Street and our continued love of Takoba’s extensive mezcal menu, we’ve careened into the house late at night buzzed up on the stuff and landed on the couch with startling frequency these past few weeks. Now Takoba is upping the ante. Saturday October 8th from 1-4 pm the eastside Mexican joint is hosting a big mezcal party.

Admission is $11 presale so the price is certainly right. Mezcal makers Del Maguey, Ilegal, Sombra, and Los Nahuales will be there handing out the booze. Expect passed appetizers, specialty cocktails and this being Austin, live music.

Hope to see y’all out there tomorrow. Late arrivals can pay $15 at the gate

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