Barring Providence smiting the man down as he stands on the precipice of a comeback five years in the making, John Mueller is set to get back down to the business of cooking meat with fire this weekend in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood of Austin Texas.

Out of deference to the University of Texas football team JMueller BBQ will open to the public on Saturday October 8th 2011 at the late hour of 2pm. Otherwise, a normal opening of perhaps ten or eleven am would mean that the Longhorn’s skirmish with the Oklahoma Sooners would largely go unwatched as the citizenry of Austin united as one and gathered in Bouldin Creek for the grand opening of the new Mueller joint.

Would Mack Brown have just called the whole game off if Mueller had given a hard date on the official opening earlier in the week?

The old school, hard core barbecue/UT faithful would’ve just shrugged. After all we’re talking about brisket from the pit of Texas icon Bobby Mueller’s son here.

It’s a moot point. There’s enough room on everybody’s plate for a little football and a little smoked meat.

We spoke with Mueller moments ago to inquire as to what’s slated to come off the pit this weekend? Brisket and plenty of it, pork ribs, Central Texas hot guts sausage, turkey breasts and pork loins. No surprises there other than the lack of beef ribs.

Any vegetarians reading? You’ll not be left out in the cold as long as you can get your belly filled with squash, pinto beans, potato salad and cole slaw.

We don’t eat non meat when we’re at barbecue so you won’t have to worry about wrestling with us for a big plate of side dishes.

After a series of fits and starts that were enough to try the patience of a saint, it looks like Austin is about to have Taylor,Texas-style barbecue once again.

Ten years ago John Mueller flung his doors open on Manor Road and gave Austin its bona fides in the national barbecue conversation. He ran hard for five years before the fires went cold.

They could have easily stayed put out and the tales of the hot headed Mueller would have cooled down and faded into the lore of our great state’s barbecue tradition.

But fate, heritage and circumstance make for interesting mistresses and now Austin Texas is about to see what could potentially be the beginning of a new era.

It will be interesting to see if the old pit boss still has the charmed technique that took him to the top of the game a decade ago.

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