Do you like your foods served raw?

Are you a vegan?

Tired of the “lawn in a bowl” syndrome so many raw food folks suffer from? Then we’ve got a workshop for you.

Saturday October 15th 2011 Living Light Culinary Institute will teach several gourmet, raw, vegan recipes to attendees at the New Earth Center in Austin.

The instructors are covering all the bases with apps, entrées, sandwiches, soups and something called “non dairy cheeses”.

Frankly the thought of eating a cheese that didn’t at one point have a working relationship with a mammal scares the Hell out of us.

That’s what we always thought made cheese cheese but apparently we were wrong.

At any rate the class also includes instruction on how to make brownies and cakes which to us sounds really tricky in a raw foods class. We’ve been making both dishes since we were sprouts and can’t imagine doing it without an oven.

A full lunch buffet will be served to folks taking the class.

No word on how much this will all cost but to register, call 707-964-2420

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