We never spent a whole lot of time in the long running Austin Texas gay bar; Charlies, that shuttered over the weekend. But there was that one night. Back when we were in the Mexican wrestling business we’d brought a bunch of luchadores in from Juarez for a bout over at the Pan Am on the East Side of Austin.

The boys put out some good work rate that night and were looking to go blow off some steam after the evening’s matches had concluded.

The whys and wherefores of our somehow thinking going to Charlies that night would be a good idea are lost to the sands of time but that’s where we ended up.

Once the trannies hanging out at the bar found out the group of men who’d walked in that evening were luchadores all bets were off.

It was quite the scene with a bevy of tg’s whooping it up with a big pack of Mexican pro wrestlers from the heart of Juarez.

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