Tim and Karrie League are about to hit the big time. The real big time, not just Austin’s version. The Alamo Drafthouse is set to invade both New York City and Los Angeles California.

Hope the Leagues have good strong backs to tote all those duffel bags filled with cash back to Texas. They’re going to need them. Speaking in IndieWire about the expansion, Tim League said “We’re working on it, we need a big facility for the Alamo, so it’s complicated. This will take a lot of money, especially in New York.”

One imagines the husband/wife team have plenty dough after a decade plus of wild success in Austin.

They’ve done their business the right way. Alamo’s pricing is fair given that the Leagues could easily charge more and have the exact same attendance at their venues. We always feel good spending our money at their theaters cause there’s value in what they offer.

Indiewire goes on to mention that ex Austinite Matthew Viragh recently managed to get New York’s antiquated law that banned alcohol from movie theaters overturned. Viragh went on to open the Nitehawk, a three room movie house that’s met great success with their alcohol/movie formula.

The Alamo Drafthouse would fit right in in New York and make a killing while educating the New Yorkers on the art of repertory that the Leagues have defined for the last few years.

As for Alamo’s westward expansion Los Angeles may provide more of a challenge. There are plenty asses to put in the seats but the damn city is just so spread out how do you get the people to congregate? Or how do you figure out what neighborhood to go in to? The logistics of opening up shop in LA just seem depressing but the Leagues probably ruled out a triumphant return to Bakersfield and settled for Los Angeles instead.

Alamo Drafthouse could set up shop in damn near any city in USA and make a living. By going for the jugular of the two largest cities in our country however they’re showing they have their eyes on a much bigger prize. Could this be a harbinger of the Leagues going worldwide?

Istanbul? Mexico City? Budapest?

Here’s why we love the Alamo Drafthouse http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/6/23/Austin-Daily-Photo-Alamo-Drafthouse-Wednesday-June-22nd-2011?adminview=true

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