When the doorman, who I’ve known for a decade or so asks for my id, I figure it’s a joke but I’ll play along so I reach for my wallet.

Then I realize that I’ve just brought a pocketful of cash and left my billfold on my bureau at the house. This doorman, who I’ve sat next to at a variety of Austin taverns for the last ten or so years, begrudgingly allows me to come in so I can have a drink.

He then states that if TABC were to come in and card me the bar could be in big trouble but he’ll go ahead and let me in.

While the years have undoubtedly been kind, any enforcement agent that were to stroll into a bar probably would not figure me to be a minor child enjoying a can of beer on a Saturday evening.

Here’s a copy and paste from TABC’s website of the actual rules according to the State of Texas:

State Law

Texas state law does not require that a person over 21 provide any identification to purchase alcohol in Texas. There is nothing in the law that declares specific forms of ID as “valid” for an alcohol purchase.

The law goes on to further state “If the patron is obviously over 21, the establishment may not require any ID at all.

This has got to be one of the few instances in state law where common sense is the order of the day.

I once saw a brain dead doorman refuse to let a 70+ year old gentleman in a bar on Red River cause the man had walked down the street from his hotel and didn’t have his id on him.

White Swan is fine, they did a nice job on the remodel, barkeeps are friendly, soundtrack’s good with a mix of punk and vintage soul building a nice mood for the hang but we’ve never been back after that first visit under the new owners.

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