We eat a lot of chocolate. We like the good stuff e.g Vosges, but we’re not above the pleasures of whatever mass market bar we can grab from the candy counter at Royal Blue Grocery either. If you’re into the high end of Texas artisan chocolate there’s a party coming to Austin in less than two weeks. It’s the 5th edition of the Austin Chocolate Festival.

The organizers have wrangled in some serious talent to vend their chocolates at the event:

Kallari Chocolate is an Amazon based co-op representing over 850 cocoa growing families. We’ve bought their bars in the past and they are good. Visit their website http://www.kallarichocolate.com/

Texas Pitch Fork Fondue offers a truly disgusting meal disguised as a “treat”: Chocolate glazed ham sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet rolls.Disturbing. http://texaspitchforkfondue.com/

We believe Objects of Confection to be an Austin based truffle outfit. Their website doesn’t offer a lot regarding the team behind the chocolate. We don’t Facebook but here’s a link for those who do. http://www.facebook.com/objectsofconfection

Taste & See up in Leander is not just a chocolatier. They cater, bake all sorts of sweets and throw tea parties [!] Here’s a link to their website http://www.tasteandseeaustin.com/

Crepe Crazy is on Congress Avenue downtown at 5th street. We haven’t been as crepes are not our thing. Would love to get a report. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crepe-Crazy/156580201019147

Chocolate Prescription is out of Plano. We love their tagline: Eat chocolate. Live long. Love Deeply. We’ve self prescribed chocolate for years now and it does indeed contribute to happiness, love and good health. http://www.chocolateprescription.com/

Fat Turkey Chocolate. Love the name. These folks offer a truffle of the month club. That’s reason enough to like them. http://fatturkeychocolate.com/

Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge is the most intriguing due to our lifelong obsession with the stuff. Our all time favorite is the kind with cashews and it’s hard to come by. These folks are out of Missouri and have been in business for over 70 years. We are very distrustful of their salmon pate’ however.http://www.offenbacherfudge.com/index.html

Dr. Sue’s Chocolate from Irving Texas promises “richly decadent yet more healthful and beneficial confection”. If a doctor tells us it’s true then it must be. Plus it jibes with what we’ve always believed; chocolate is good for you. http://hstrial-drsueschocolate.intuitwebsites.com/index.html

Candies for Katie will offer Orange Habanero Fudge which sounds wonderful as oranges and habaneros are two of our favorite things. This venture is from the kitchen of Chef Jason Maddox

Cordial Creations claims to make “The World’s Greatest Cordial Cherries”. We’ve never eaten a cordial cherry that was anything but disgusting so we probably won’t sample their wares. http://cordialcreations.com/

Out of Houston we have La Bonne Vie i.e the good life which is something we’ve pursued on 3 continents. They make truffles and pralines. The next question is are they pray-leans or prah-leens. Big difference. http://la-bonne-vie.com/

We reckon that about covers it. Tickets are $21.65 (including 8.25 % tax) and that gets you in to the party for 2 hours.

We hope no rough stuff breaks out if you stay past your allotted time. Wonder how they can keep track of everybody? We can eat a hell of a lot of chocolate in 120 minutes.

Here’s their website http://austinchocolatefestival.com/

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