There’s only one official Barbecue State Championship in the Hill Country and this is it. The winners at the State Championship in San Marcos will qualify for the Meridian National Championship, the prestigious barbecue cook off that’s taken place in Meridian Texas for the past 23 years. LULAC stands for League of United Latin American Citizens and by all accounts they do a Hell of job throwing a barbecue competition. This cook off is in its ninth year and has become one of the biggest ones in the state of Texas.

A thousand dollars goes to the team that wrestles the best tasting brisket off their pit next weekend. You get all the accolades that victory will bring you along with the chance to participate up in Meridian where they dole out twenty thousand dollars in cold, hard cash to their victors.

Barbecue is big business in Texas these days.

Speaking in the San Marcos Daily Record event organizer Richard Anzaldua had this to say about the cook off “I tell our guys all the time, this ain’t no little cook-off any more. If you can’t run with the big dogs then stay on the porch, you come in here and you take home a trophy, you’re going against the best.”

We would not miss this one for the world. We’re glad we’re not judging so we can kick back with the cooking teams and enjoy a relaxing Saturday down in San Marcos.

Here’s a hot link for all the cooking teams reading this

Hope to see y’all in San Marcos next weekend.

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