With a mantra of only Texas rice in their sake, we hope this new company has a nice big warehouse as the Texas rice farmers are about to be officially screwed.

As of March 1st of 2012, if the water in the Highlands Lakes reservoirs fails to meet the 850,000 acre feet minimum standard then the taps are turned off and the rice farmers are hung out to dry.

The affected farmers are in the state’s three biggest rice-producing counties – Matagorda, Wharton and Colorado. Unless it starts pouring rain pretty soon that standard is not going to come close to being met.

Now onto the good news. Austin now has a sake’ brewery; The Texas Sake’ Company.

There are few things we love more than an evening of ribaldry powered by a few sake’ bombs and we love the idea of keeping our rice wine money in Texas where it belongs.

The big party is Saturday October 1st 2011 at their north Lamar location [handy google map incl.]

Dale Watson is playing and the event organizers promise Food Trucks [!]

Please report back

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