It’s been a long hard slog on this Twitter road we’re walking down. Promising Texas food Twitter accounts are hard to come by. Some that shone briefly descended into buffoonery while others that initially showed little promise have turned out to burn brightly. In part one we were like a pack of young beagles hot on the trail of a fat rabbit. Everything was shiny and new and we were blazing through the blackberry bushes of the internet and hoping to capture the prize and fry him up in a big cast iron pan.

Submitted for your approval we have part two of the leading lights of Texas food Twitter. These are the accounts in our feed that get us worked into a fine lather as they tweet. We look for high value, little noise, lots of signal. If you think this describes you put a hot link up in comments below and we’ll give you a gander.!/foodwaysTX These folks are on a mission to document the foodways of our great state; Texas. Here’s where they dish the blow by blow!/eastaustinite Not a whole lot of motion from these folks but we have garnered some good info on East Austin from time to time!/CuveeCoffee We’re fueled by coffee. These guys have the best beans in Central Texas.!/LovejoysTapRoom One of Austin’s great bars. This is where they put their daily specials up.!/Arthur_Rimbaud Nothing to do with Texas Twitter but one of the great men of letters and a source of inspiration in our dark times!/BaconRestaurant We like to keep up with the vegetarian scene in Austin. Lots of chutzpah from this team to open a vegan restaurant and name it “Bacon”!/tacojournalism One of the leading taco blogs in Austin Texas. This is their twitter feed.!/AustinBeerGuide Beer is what guides us on our long nights spent in the watering holes of Austin. These guys keep us up to date on Austin’s beer scene.!/tastytouring When she’s not backpacking across Europe you can find Jodi Bart relentlessly blogging about Austin’s food scene.We’re late to her Twitter feed but glad we came.!/doughpuncher David Norman is a gluten savant. He’ll be keeping the dough beat down at the new Easy Tiger restaurant that’s set to shock Austin.!/WineFoodTX Wine and food foundation is a non profit set up to further Austin folks finding the bottom of their wine bottles. One glass at a time.!/FSAustin Four Seasons Austin. Where we like to get drunk and sleep it off in a hammock on the banks of the Colorado.!/Arden76 Kid’s coming on slow over at the culture map but we see big things down the road.!/LiveOakBrewing Best brewery in Austin. In 2011 that really means something.!/edibleaustin This is where we follow Jenna Noel and her pondering on eating seasonally in Austin Texas!/foodgardener Cecilia Nasti. She could write anything and we’d follow. Cause we love the name Cecilia Nasti.!/atxfoodblogs Austin food blogger alliance. Possibly some sort of food based sleeper cell. We follow so we can keep our eye on them.!/slowfoodaustin The slow food movement in Austin has taken a stubborn hold on our city. These folks are the reason.!/austinistfood Twitter feed for local Austinist outlet.

Are you writing about food in the great state of Texas? Are you on Twitter? We’d love to hear from you. Just put up a hot link to your Twitter feed in comments below.

As long you would never, ever use the word sammie as a stand in for the word sandwich. Exceptions made for precocious 3 year olds as it’s perfectly acceptable in that instance.

Here’s a link to part one in this series

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