This is part one of a new feature we’re rolling out today on this site. It’s a reaction to the insane amount of restaurant obituaries we’ve been writing lately. It’s ridiculous how many Austin Texas establishments have shuttered in the last week so we’re going the opposite direction and are going to start penning short pieces on places that are just about to open, have recently opened or are in their late planning stages. First up Mai Thai, new joint on San Jack down near the Four Seasons.

When we entered the Texas Top Cook “Soups of Southeast Asia” cooking competition a few years back we didn’t have to think long and hard about what country we’d be representing.

After all, we’ve pursued the foods of Thailand on three continents since we begin our journeys lo those many years ago.

We were bested that night by a Vietnamese spitfire, a ringer if you will, but never mind that; we’re still ardent pursuers of the best Thai food we can get our hands on.

It remains to be seen where Mai Thai fits into Austin’s Thai food equation but we’d love to hear from you if you’ve eaten there.

We’re just happy to be writing about an Austin Texas’ restaurant opening instead of another depressing closure.

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Who’s been to Mai Thai?

How’s the cuisine?

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