We had an incredible weekend. Rode out to Taylor Texas to have a good time hanging out with the Slavs of the SPJST and eat a few pounds of competition barbecue. We must have barbecue judge written all over us at this point as one of the organizers strolled right up and asked us if we could judge the brisket part of the tournament. Why yes, we can….and did. Here’s a list of the winners. This competition is prestigious in only its 11th year. There were close to a hundred teams duking it out.

Master Cook – Ritter’s BBQ – Doug Ritter, Lometa,TX

2nd Master Cook – Ritter’s BBQ Too – Carole Ritter, Lometa, TX

3rd Master Cook Under The Influence Hank Smith Elgin Texas


1st: Hank Smith, Under The Influence, Elgin Tx

2nd Cerna Vrana, Jason Vrana, Taylor Tx

3rd Ritter’s Barbecue, Doug Ritter, Lometa Tx


1st Ritters Barbecue Too, Carole Ritter, Lometa Tx

2nd Real Men of Genius, Adam Roznovak, Taylor Tx

3rd RVS Young Longhorn Cookers, Josh Hykel, Troy Tx


1st R&R Cookers Rick Harkins, Elgin Tx


1st Doug Ritter, Ritter’s Barbecue, Lometa Tx


1st Weber Chiropractic Team, Mark Edward, Midlothian Tx

Cooks Choice

1st Weber Chiropractic Team, Mark Edward, Midlothian Tx

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