1961 was a big year in snack foods. This was the year Charles Elmer Doolin’s Frito company merged with Herman Lay’s chip maker and Frito Lay was born.

It was also the year “Doritos” were discovered in Southern California.

Now, the man responsible for this; Arch Clark West, has passed at age 97 in Dallas. We can walk past a thousand bags of snacks when we’re in the grocery store and not give them a second glance but we purposely stay off the Doritos aisle as we are powerless under their steady, baleful gaze.

They are insanely delicious.

We reckon it must be the MSG with which they are liberally sprinkled.

Mr West’s family has vowed to honor their father by burying him with fresh chips.

The flavor of chips has yet to be determined but something tells us it will be Taco, our all time favorite Doritos flavor.

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