Emos has been sold. Emos is dead.

For a lot of people Emos died a long, long time ago. Right around the time Eric Hartman sold his eponymous club to one Frank Hendrix in the year 2000. Emos had opened in May of 1992 and was quickly embraced by the punks, outsiders, freaks, bikers, drunks, drug dealers, gypsies, long hairs, hookers and other folks who enjoyed free live music and dirt cheap alcohol.

We saw thousands of shows there and even spent one evening talking to an Austin old timer who told us about the glory days of Raven’s Garage, a previous incarnation of the room.

Those glory days, when David Thomson was behind the bar and Nine Pound Hammer or Cherubs were tearing up the stage, will provide us many wistful memories when we’re in our dotage and living on a mountain top somewhere in Appalachia.

At a recent Hank 3 show in the old room we had a feeling that might be the last time we were ever in the old space.

Turns out we were right.

But for now we’ll just append an old piece we wrote about Emos awhile back.


There is a new Emos over on Riverside Drive in the old Backroom Space. The thought of going there is depressing. Imagine if they moved Liberty Lunch to Pflugerville. We wouldn’t have went there either.

all other obituaries here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/RIP-Rest-In-Peace

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