There might still be a warm day or two but when we usher in chili season, we reckon Summer’s goose is officially cooked.

It’s time for chili cook offs every weekend between now and the end of the year.

The first one is at Giddy Ups down in Manchaca aka South Austin Texas. We’ll never forget the first time we walked in this little honky tonk back in the 90’s. It was open mike night which normally gives us cold chills but not out in God’s country [Manchaca].

The old gal on the tiny stage was channeling Patsy Cline and absolutely killing it. She looked like she’d seen some hard times what with the scuffy sneakers, worn Wranglers and faded halter top but she was singing from the heart and we sat transfixed while she tore through the standard no-good-man-broke-me down-and-now-all-I-can-do-is-drink classics.

Beers were a dollar and there was a crockpot over in the corner that a regular had brought in with a few quarts of homemade chili.

It was a memorable night.

Since then we’ve always went down for the big Kentucky Derby party [it is Giddy Ups after all] and a few other nights a year to break the ennui that Austin puts on us from time to time.

This weekend is the bar’s chili cook off benefiting children in the area who need eye glasses.

The event is Sat Oct 1st and Sun Oct 2nd.

For event details call [512] 280-4732

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