In the mid 1800s a sailing vessel docked in Galveston bay loaded with several hundred migrants hailing from Germany.

They were not German per se however. They were Wends. Like many immigrants of the time they had come to America seeking freedom to practice their religion. They were Lutherans. Once aground in Houston the group [congregation] continued their journey til they landed in Lee County Texas near Giddings.

This area proved to be a fertile ground for the Wendish people. They settled in, built St.Paul’s Lutheran Church [1871] and went about building new lives for themselves in the exotic land of Texas.

The grounds of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will be filled with the Wendish people this Sunday September 25th 2011. If you like old timey foodways then this festival is for you.

Activities include:

A coffee cake bake off. This one sounds really, really enticing as there are four divisions; Kaese Kuchen, Streusel Kuchen, Special and Junior [for young bakers].If you’ve ever eaten Wendish pastries then you know what you’re in for as these folks can really bake.

Stone ground corn meal making demo.

Sauer Kraut making demo.

Greased pole climbing.

Sausage making demonstration. Can’t wait to see this to see how the Wends technique differs from the old school Texas Hot Gut pantheon of which we are all so familiar.

Cross cut saw competition. We picture a scene out of Little House On The Prairie for some reason.

There will be an incredible amount of food at the party. The Wends love to eat. A $7 plate lunch will be available and it will include Sausage, Green Beans, Sauerkraut, Wendish noodles, Beets, Peaches, Bread and Coffee.

We’re starving just thinking about it.

Live music courtesy of Sorbian Folk Dance Group Zeissig

We first got turned onto the Wends via Weikel’s Kolache down in La Grange Texas. We bought a couple big bags of the heritage society noodles and never looked back. They are absolutely delicious.

Hope to see y’all out on Sunday.

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