We never have a good time at these things. They’re invariably outside, the lines to get a swallow or two of beer are long, people feel duty bound to bring their children, the food is subpar….we could go on and on but suffice to say we’re not chuffed at the prospects. We’d rather be propped up at a bar in an old honky tonk like Buddy’s, but as a public service to y’all we’ll give you the details.

The event’s facebook says admission is free but when you click on the “buy tickets” icon the following comes up:


An eight pack of beer tokens is $13

Each token is good for a 4 ounce sample of beer/ale. Although some special brews will be two tokens for a 4 ounce sample.

18 breweries are participating including the big boys:Live Oak, Real Ale and St Arnold’s

Party starts at 2pm ends at 8pm

The food vendors are Chilantro BBQ, Red’s Porch, and Uncle Billy’s.

Have fun and please report back.

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