In the year 2000 the Chandler family purchased a defunct Taco Bell and one of the great soul food restaurants in the USA was born. Expect three different kinds of greens:collards, turnip and mustard, as folks who are in the know have strong feelings about the differences between the lot.

A portrait of Jesus and his apostles holds sway over the room which is filled with a melting pot of Knoxvillians all gathered together for one thing. Honest food, huge portions and y’all come back now-style service.

We love the catfish, chicken and dumplings and pork ribs but always make sure we only eat half our plate so we can have a slice of the best coconut pie we’ve ever had in a restaurant [sorry Johnny Ray’s].

Owner, Gwen Chandler caught us taking a picture of a newspaper article on her wall that included the formula and laughed cause apparently lots of folks do the exact same thing..

We don’t make it to Knoxville very often but when we do you’ll find us at Chandler’s Deli hunkered down over an enormous meat n three platter in the finest repurposing of a Taco Bell in the USA

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