One of our many aces in the hole.

Eons ago, a retired Army airman and his Thai wife bought a couple mobile homes in Garfield Texas[15 miles out of Austin] jammed them into a L formation and Little Thailand was born. The back trailer became a cozy, dimly lighted lounge with an ancient bar reclaimed from a non commissioned officers watering hole from nearby Bergstrom Field, the front trailer became the restaurant.

The only thing missing from this Lynchian tableau is a chimp sitting on the end of the bar smoking a cigarette going “try the Pad Thai man,it’s stellar” The food? Having ardently pursued Thai food across three continents I feel confident in declaring it the finest I’ve come across.

Try a wok seared Ribeye, Thai-style. Do not neglect getting the Thai stuffed chicken wing.

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Your life will change.

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